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We have been travelling since the beginning of 2021 and have since visited a good 150 different farms and farmers in many European countries. Right from the start, we have documented everything on video. We want to use the material to produce various themed videos, and one day a big film. Help us to realise this dream!

Agriculture in Central and Eastern Europe is very similar on many levels and can therefore support each other. Farmers in many countries are facing the same challenges: Climate change and increasing soil degradation (humus loss and soil erosion) are leading to a rethink in both countries in terms of how soils are managed and how they are perceived.

The videos and the film tell the stories of farmers in Germany, Austria, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech Republic and other countries who have set out to regenerate the soil under their own steam because they have realised that without healthy soil there can be neither healthy food nor healthy ecosystems.
After all, healthy soil produces healthy plants and animals. In other words, healthy food for people and prosperity from the ground up for everyone. That is true sustainability – ecological, economic and social.

We are using the funds from the current crowdfunding campaign to finance the filming and post-production of the themed videos and the long main film.

The first trailer about our visit to Poland in summer 23 gives an insight into what we have in mind.

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„Regeneration is healing.“

Daniel Pacek (Pacowka Farm)

Overcoming borders using the example of Poland

The regenerative movement in both Germany and Poland is a grassroots movement and ignores apparent borders. Regenerative agriculture is the unifying element and the basis of healing.

We overcome barriers with these videos, among other things shown quite vividly by overcoming the language barriers.

We produce these videos in 3 languages: Polish, German and English.

Healthy soils are the basis
for all health.

And how do we achieve this? We take our health back into our own hands!

What all the farmers portrayed have in common is the way to get there: they all strive for the greatest possible biodiversity in all aspects, which should lead to healthy microbiomes. In this way, everyone benefits from healthy and diverse microbiomes: the plants, the animals, the people and the microbiome in the soil! And common to all is the realisation that this means less medication, less chemistry and fewer resources are needed. So farming in harmony with nature leads to creating overall health from the ground up.

“… In this process, it is extremely important to build bridges between rural and urban communities, mutual respect and curiosity for each other, because only in this way can we build healthy societies that can withstand the extremely difficult challenges that await us in the next 5, 10 and 15 years.“

Anna Danylczenko from Grunt od Nowa

The protagonists

A selection

Tomasz Jakiel (Lubuskie Angusowo)

Tomasz is considered the “regenerative rebel” in Poland. He is the creative and visionary farmer who makes his farm mainly because he wants to feed on animal protein and he wants to have the best possible quality with high nutrient density and healthy animals through microbiome exchange through high biodiversity.

That’s why he just does it himself.

Daniel Pacek from the Pacowka-Farm

Daniel is very active in the regenerative movement in Poland. He works in an educational institution near the farm because he reaches children there and there is currently an opportunity to build a large agricultural academy for children and young people.

Daniel and Ana have started their own small permaculture farm with vegetables, chickens and goats because their health and that of the soil is important to them, and to be able to show that anyone can do it! But they don’t hide the work that goes into it.

Zuzia Szmidel (

Why not now! That’s what Zuzia said to her husband when they were sitting in their flat in England in 2020, dreaming of living on a farm in their native Poland one day. But why wait so long when you can do it right now!

With enormous energy and dedication, they have built up a very interesting sheep farm with Holistic Management within a short time.

Zuzia tries to build up a sustainable farm as naturally as possible, with as little manual and physical labour as possible, in harmony with nature, which feeds her family, as well as building up the soil and bringing a presumably ancient cultural landscape back to life by building up the soil with her sheep and ensuring lush biodiversity.

Marcin Kamiński von der Kierocie-Farm

“Whoever does things with joy, God will give him everything he needs for it,” Marcin told us.
Marcin and Kate both gave up their well-paid jobs in the big city and moved to the countryside for their two young children and for their health. Looking for healthy food that was made in a way that would also build up the soil, he realised he had to make things himself. You can’t get healthier than that, on all levels.
For that and for their freedom, they accept the hard work on their small farm.
Neither of them regrets the decision, but enjoy every day anew the life that grows more diverse and lush around them every day.

Łukasz Słaboń

“If God wanted us to walk on our hands, he would have created front-wheel drive cars,” he said.
Lukasz builds Beetles, Bullis, Deutz, because these are “cars and tractors that run for 100 years and can always be repaired”. And he has built up a farm to provide himself with healthy food. He thinks about how to use machines in the most helpful way (especially for smaller farms) and in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. For the benefit and health of all, especially the farmer. Efficiency with everyone’s resources.
In his view, all the new modern machinery is not needed for this, especially in small-scale farming. New machines consume far too much for too little efficient use of energy. They need much more lubricants, much more plastic, much more toxic waste than the old Deutz and VW Beetles and Bullis.

and many more …

Production of the film

Through some fortuitous and fortunate circumstances, a lot of footage was shot at regenerative farmers in Poland in August 23. From this and from the previous filming by Soilify in Germany, material for a longer film was created.

Soilify has several years of experience in the media preparation and presentation of regenerative agriculture.

Production status


This film is a co-production by soilify and Grunt od Nowa Poland.​

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